Moshe Klein is the founder of Power Networking Group, LLC, a dynamic new small business networking group that is changing the way small business owners meet and do business.

Moshe has been called “the small business man that every small business man needs to meet” and others have referred to him as “the man who has been networking before people even knew what networking was”.

By trade, Moshe is an accountant who has worked with over 10,000 small business owners and individuals since 1982. He is a sought-after consultant, advisor and mentor in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, finance and credit. Moshe has chaired and served in board positions for many not for profit and community organizations over the years.

Along with his son Shalom, who is an accomplished businessman and consultant in his own right, they started several small business networking groups that have served many thousands of business owners well in multiple cities around the US.

Moshe has written on various topics of interest to small business owners in many newspapers and magazines and has appeared frequently as an expert guest on radio shows.

The Power Networking Radio Hour was the next logical step for Moshe. Shalom Klein, celebrity co-host, has been the host of a successful radio program in the Chicagoland area for more than three years now. The show, Get Down To Business, is a top rated program featuring topics of interest to small business owners, employers and entrepreneurs. Moshe has now brought 21st century small business success to the Phoenix metro area. Together, Moshe & Shalom will share their decades of business experience and bring a spirit of excellence to the Arizona business landscape.

Moshe Klein is married for over 35 years, has two married children and two awesome grandsons. Moshe has homes in Arizona and Illinois.


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